Introduction: Shakespeare uses his play (“Macbeth”) when the character is “Macbeth” to send messages to the audience about what is the consequences of being evil and ambition, remember at the beginning at the play he was a hero but after he met the witches he got evil and controlled, well not controlled but manipulated of […]

The Animal Farm The Snowball Snowball is the animal most clearly in tune with the thinking of the old Major, and is dedicated to improving the animals of intellectual, moral and physical ways. He brings literacy to the farm so that the animals can better understand the principles of Animalism reading the Seven Commandments painting on […]

i can sense a God and i can sense them future but i can’t see is just a slow nusic when the music starts the starts is slow and the end asual but the middle of the music i think is quite stronger like ghost are in there and there continue is like a human […]

Early when i wake up,i sense is late and i look to the sky and i think something in there. Is just the sun?? I don’t know. When i go to school i can see i can sense the water on the river. When i sense the river i can ear the bird talk but […]

Wake up Get shower Eat breakfast Brush my teeth Take the bus to go to school Eat on lunch ———————————————————- I can see how the bus is, it is red,it has windows, it can transport people and it can put me in my school. I can see how de bus is dirty, it has a […]

In William Shakespeare’s play, he uses metaphor to communicate his ideas about fate. but what is metaphor ? About Fate, Metaphor and explain how are de Metaphors Metaphor is a figure of speech which use a word or a phrase in a sense that is not very common , revealing a similar relationship between two terms. and what […]

is when prince said to prince to benvolio and tybalt to stop fight and they was go to juiz and juiz said this is the last time and they can go

Romeo buy the potion and he goes to juliet’s church and he crying and then juliet wake up and on that time romeo drunk the potion and juliet crying asual and she shots in she’s head and she dead and prince give punishment at some people